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Plein Sud at Knokke Le Zoute

La mer du Nord à Knokke

... for a dream vacation ...

Renting an apartment in Knokke Het Zoute.

Other informations :

 Paying  a booking deposit of one third of the rent.
Rent deposit of 500 eur by check, bank transfer or cash (your choice).
Signing a contract and pay the balance at the latest when receiving the keys.
The charges are not included in the price of the apartment.
The charges include water, gas, electricity, taxes and garage.

 Facilities on site : 
• for the bedrooms: 2 duvets 220 x 240 cm, 2 duvets 185 x 185 cm, 2 duvets 135 x 200 cm, 2 small children quilts, 6 blankets, 8 pillows, throws
• for the living room: 2 large rugs sofa protection
 To bring : 
• bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers (if desired), bath towels, kitchen towels, toilet paper, maintenance / cleaning product (for dish washer, tiled floor, toilet, bath, ... )
 Bicycles : 
• Bicycles are prohibited in the building.
You can put them in the garage or in front of the building to areas designated for this purpose. You can also rent bikes
(first street right out when you leave the building by the right).
 Strollers : 
• Strollers can be put on the ground floor in the room next to the mirror.

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 Contacts : GSM : 32 (0)497 50 27 15

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